What is the difference between interactive display and interactive projector?

Interactive Display and Interactive Projector are two different technologies used for creating interactive experiences. Here are the differences between the two:

Interactive Display: An interactive display refers to a display panel, such as a touchscreen monitor or a flat-panel display, that has built-in touch or gesture recognition capabilities. These displays are typically used in applications where users directly interact with the screen by touching, swiping, or using gestures to control and manipulate content. The display itself is interactive, allowing users to interact with the content directly on the screen without the need for any additional devices. Interactive displays are commonly found in digital signage, kiosks, interactive whiteboards, and interactive educational systems.

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Interactive Projector: An interactive projector, on the other hand, is a projector that can turn any flat surface into an interactive display. Instead of having a touch-sensitive surface like an interactive display, an interactive projector projects an image onto a surface such as a wall or a whiteboard. The projector uses infrared or camera-based technology to track and detect user input, allowing users to interact with the projected content using a stylus or their fingers. The interactive projector captures the user’s input and translates it into commands or actions on the projected image. Interactive projectors are commonly used in classrooms, meeting rooms, and interactive presentations.

In summary, the main difference between interactive displays and interactive projectors is the form factor and the way they enable interaction. Interactive displays are standalone touch-enabled screens, while interactive projectors transform any surface into an interactive display by projecting the content onto it and detecting user input.

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