To open a digital simulation archery gym, what are the requirements for venue and lighting?

simulation Archery gym is a sport full of charm. Archery training is not only the training of physical fitness and archery skills, but also the training of psychological quality and psychological orientation. Archery is a soft and vigorous sport, suitable for men, women and children, and it is a sport that can be practiced throughout life. Archery emphasizes exerting force symmetrically with the straight line, which is in line with the physiological health of the human body. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, digital archery is becoming more and more popular among people. Through the intelligent system, you can see your target scores in real time.

simulation Archery gym-How much space does an archery simulation game need

Our advantage

  1. A variety of venue style designs to meet the individual needs of different customers;
  2. Factory direct sales, eliminating intermediate links, and directly giving profits to end customers: all equipment is self-developed and produced, and details and local adjustments are made in a timely manner according to market feedback to ensure that each product is superior in performance, super cost-effective, and meets market demand;
  3. Excellent after-sales service;
BEST Archery Simulation Game
How much does a fun archery sim cost

Site Requirements for Digital Simulation Archery Gym

Archery archery requirements:

  1. The international standard indoor special arrow path specification is 18M, and the single path width is between 1.1M and 1.4M
  2. The length of leisure archery is between 8M and 15M, and the width of single path is between 1.2M and 1.5M.
  3. The archery area is guaranteed to have more than 1 square meter of activity space
  4. The ground needs to be leveled and the power supply reserved

Requirements for the building of the archery hall:

  1. House height: the length of the arrow path is 6-18 meters, and the height of the house is not lower than 2.5M; the length of the arrow path is 18-40 meters, and the height of the house is not lower than 3.5M;
  2. The walls must be solid walls, light steel keel walls, and wooden walls, and partition protection must be done on both sides;
  3. Fire protection, decoration, formal water and electricity, paint, ceiling and lighting systems must be completed before the installation of the Louzi Archery Hall;
  4. The walls of the archery hall need to be clean, clean, and smooth. For business needs, the partition walls on both sides can be decorated and designed according to the style of the archery hall;
  5. It is forbidden to hang anything in front of the archery to prevent the arrow from hitting it;

Archery hall lighting system:

  1. The brightness of the stand area is 100LUX
  2. The brightness of the rest area is 100-150LUX
  3. The brightness of the archery area is 200LUX
  4. The brightness of arrow path area is 50-100LUX
  5. The brightness of the archery target area is 500LUX (fluorescent lamp)
  6. The arrow retaining wall requires the back panel not to drop ash and achieve a flatness of ±2MM

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