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Punching and Kicking Arcade Game

Discover the fun with our Boxing Arcade Machines. Engage in exciting punching and kicking games for an immersive gaming experience!

JAMMA Combo Boxer Punching and Kicking Game Machine

punching arcade game average score boxing

punching arcade game average score

JAMMA Combo Boxer Boxing game machine is a 2-in-1 punching and kicking arcade combo with a sturdy cabinet.

Hit the boxing target with your super human strength to gain the highest score and challenge others to overcome a battle of strength, speed, and reflex.

It supports logo and graphic boxing customization for flexible adaptation to any space.
punching boxing machine game Large LED panel displays player scores and it supports up to six simultaneous competitors.
Featuring three boxing game modes, including power, speed, and reflex, choose any of the competitive modes for multiplayer challenge fun.  boxing arcade machine rental
boxing punching machine rental During the game, your customers can see and compare their result with the top score on the separate digital display.

Add an optional prize dispenser for additional revenue and excitement for your customers and friends.

one punch boxing machine

Perfect for bars, pubs, game rooms, playgrounds, hotels or any entertainment and social space, it’s also popular for corporate gatherings, themed events, and product promotions.

punching bag machine

Unlike many other competitors, JAMMA Combo Boxer’s soccer ball support bar is constructed of steel for optimal durability and to ensure high quality. The sleek construction and design is perfect for players and prevents them from any form of injury.


▪ Boxer and kicker combo game
▪ Three game modes: power, speed, reflex
▪ Modern technology and sound effects
▪ Manual and automatic high score resetting
▪ Flashing lights mode
▪ Coin Operated
▪ Solid mechanism and sturdy construction
▪ With pulleys for easy mobility
▪ (optional) Prize Dispenser

 arcade punching machine

Dimensions: H2230mm x W750mm x D1350mm
Weight: 150KG

How to play:

1. After the player puts in a coin, the ball comes down automatically, and with a hard punch, the machine automatically calculates and displays the player’s score and takes the ball up automatically. The machine has a top record keeping function, allowing players to try their best to be No.1.
2. You can add a prize dispenser and set your reward rules.



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