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Bowling alleys are popular equipment for small and medium bowling alleys, amusement centers, sports centers and coffee shops around the world. It is a major trend to integrate from a single large arena to complexes such as sports centers and leisure centers. Our pinsetter is a string bowling machine, the purchase and maintenance cost of our bowling equipment is much lower than traditional bowling equipment (such as AMF or Brunswick bowling equipment) , with low equipment failure rate, low energy consumption, low labor cost, occupation Features such as small space.


INDOOR Bowling ALLEY is very popluar in all overthe world. Jamma amusement produce, sold and installedmore than 500 sets bowling equipmentin domesticand foreign marketsThe company’s prod-ucts are exported tomore than 80countries and regions.

Indoor Bowling Equipment manufacturer

Indoor Bowling alley

1.LOW LABOR COSTThere are few problems, andno special personis neededto take care of it.
2. HIGH REVENUEThe speed of operation isfast. The bottle and othersare not holding the ball andwaiting for the bottle.
equipmentplays 30%-50%innings per hour thanBrunswick equipment. It useshalf a power of Brunswickbowling equipment,low noise!

Indoor bowling stands equipment price

Indoor bowling equipment

Bowling Pinsetter
in 5/5 rhythmElectronically controlled deceleration speed of pin·Automatic shut-off for down-timesCompact high-speed entering unit including easilyexchangeable, long wearing eccentric rings Can be connected to various scoring systems & ball
Rotary string system with electronic-controlled disentangle
·Stepper motor drive,Accurate, high efficiency, energy
saving, noise floor

How about the equipment from the Chinese indoor bowling alternation

indoor bowling equipment

1.Ball Return hide between two lane middle place; under the double Capping. *Hidden type ball returnis Safe, beautiful and low noise
3The excellent ball return accelerator and ball lifterensure that the bowling ball rolls back at auniform speed and the ball exit place speed is safe

4Ball Return Speed is adjustable.

What are the equipment in the indoor bowling alternation

indoor bowling equipment


Which brand of indoor bowling stands is good

indoor bowling equipment


indoor bowling alley for home cost

indoor bowling alley

indoor bowling alley game

indoor bowling alley



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