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Super Activate Grid Game

Discover the excitement of the latest Interactive Game Jumping Grid Challenge with our dynamic LED floor – a multiplayer sports experience that transcends boundaries. At our affordable prices game store, indulge in cutting-edge gaming technology. Explore the future of entertainment at our online trading store, where affordability meets innovation

Latest Interactive Game room Jumping Activate Grid Challenge Dynamic LED Floor Multiplayer Sports

Simple Play and Super Challenging The newest sports game that’s becoming popular worldwide.

Bulk purchase options for Activate Grid Game LED floor solution

Do you really want to do something for your health or good shape?
Do you want something new for your social events?
Are you aware of the trendiest way to play right now?

Yes. Super Grid!

Just experience it and every one will love it.
Exercise, PK, and teamwork in a playful way,
and you don’t even realize that it’s actually HIIT.
You will absolutely enjoy it!

Activate Grid Game LED floor – Affordable pricing for businesses

Super grid is an immersive sports game that combines sports and technology. It integrates interactive LED lights and sensors through innovative software design, creating a fun gaming experience.

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Game rules:

There are LED tiles with different color lights changing in the game area (red, blue, green).

1. Red: danger zone
2. Green: safety zone
3. Blue: scoring zone
4. While avoiding the red tiles, players need to step on the blue tiles to gain points.

Challenging your speed, agility, and physical fitness

The trendy gameplay is super challenging, testing speed, agility, physical fitness and teamwork. It is perfect for multiplayer gaming, providing both entertaining and social experience.

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Suitable for various applications

Buy Activate Grid Game interactive LED floor for businesses

Buy Activate Grid Game interactive LED floor for businesses B2B pricing options for Activate Grid Game LED floor solution

Products Description

Three Game mode

• Relax Mode
• One by One Mode
• Challenge Mode

Each mode has 10 games and each game has 10 levels.
Players can choose the game mode whose difficulty suits them.

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Touchscreen Operation

Players select mode and game through a 43-inch HD TV screen, and the operation is very simple.
Once game starts, the screen displays remaining energy and time in the game, and when the energy runs out the game ends.
All designs are made to keep everything simple.

Immersive Experience

The game levels are constantly changing, increasing the difficulty by altering the number, position, and speed of blue, red, and green lights. Challenges will become increasingly intense.
Without realizing it, you have already completed a high-intensity physical workout, and you won’t even want to stop.

Single-player and Multiplayer Gameplay

The gameplay supports both single-player challenges as well as multiplayer cooperative or competitive play, which makes it perfect for gatherings and social events.
It creates exciting and fun moments for family and friends.

Play Area Size Can Be Customized

You can customize any dimension according to your actual venue.
The minimum order quantity is 30 sqm.

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