Jamma VR amusement equipment March Expo

March Expo, vr amusement equipment
Outdoor mobile interactive projector,
AR-bowling,vr amusement equipment
VIDEO arcade machine,4players vr express shop,3p vr cinema,vrself-helped arcade,vr 720 rotating flight,last day on tower double player,vr racing car,motovrx,vr light-battle light multiplayer interactive shooting,vr light-wings of light,spaceship vr cinema,9d vr cinema(6people),vr helicopter,vr slide,2p vr station,1p vr station,vr station,break the light years,mr museum
AR SPORTS supplier,AR KIDS SERIES supplier
X-space,immersive space,dark ride,5d dynamic cinema。

Since 2009, jamma has been committed to VR two-person 9D cinema (two-person egg chair), VR three-person 9D cinema, VR racing, VR four-person flash mob, VR four-person shootout, VR tower, VR motorcycle, VR self-service arcade , VR flying carpet, VR children’s interactive projection and other series of product production and research and development, providing global expertise in the design, manufacture and management of innovative VR game experience.

Email: jammaamusement.cn@gmail.com

Business phone: 86-20-3925-9997 (working hours) 86-13602266736 (non-working hours)

Fax: 86-020-3925-9995

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