How will the market environment of indoor digital simulation sports hall be in 2023?

simulation sports, changes in people’s life concepts have led to the prevalence of sports trends, and with the upgrading of lifestyles, people’s attention to sports and health, as well as the need for shopping malls to attract traffic, have blown the sports trend into shopping malls. The digital simulation gymnasium takes competitive sports as the main body and integrates four functional areas: sports, entertainment, shops and catering; among them, the sports area mainly focuses on popular sports, such as digital baseball, digital football, digital tennis, digital golf, digital bowling, Simulated archery, etc. Supplemented by interesting entertainment sports such as human body breakthrough, magic push ball, soft darts and so on. After the blowout development in recent years, the sports space with the theme of digital sports and a clear customer group has become a powerful means for shopping centers to create scene experience. Various characteristic sports venues have entered the shopping mall, turning some niche sports into trendy fashion, and also making the shopping mall more “style”.

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The sports industry has the ability to create profits. According to the market research results, it is positioned as a light sports entertainment place for modern young people to socialize. It aims to open different themed venues and entertainment projects, such as bowling alleys, golf halls, and baseball halls. It is a very profitable project, and there is still plenty of room for the development of these two formats. At the same time, more and more complex business models are emerging, and the sales of peripheral products have also allowed digital sports halls to have diversified income.

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Jamma sports equipment manufacturer and digital sports promoter are committed to changing the current sports environment. Sports Ant has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with its distributors. Jamma’s self-developed digital simulation sports equipment includes simulated football, simulated baseball, simulated tennis, simulated golf, simulated archery, simulated boxing, simulated badminton and other equipment. Welcome to leave a message to discuss cooperation

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