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simulation sports equipment Under the influence of various environmental factors, traditional industries have gradually reached the bottleneck of growth, such as catering, clothing, travel, and hotels. The bonus period has passed, and the era has passed. Many investors are looking for new projects that meet the current era. In recent years, digital sports projects that have emerged in foreign countries and domestic first-tier cities are attracting the attention of investors and consumers.

Digital sports is a new type of interactive sports equipment that perfectly integrates sports and digital simulation technology based on technology. It is not limited by venues, weather restrictions, and even some sports that have a limited number of people. It can also be perfectly experienced in digital sports. .

fun indoor football simulation game

Advantages of digital analog motion

The area is small, the degree of simulation is high, the entertainment is strong, the entry threshold is low, and the participation is high. It can be used for fitness while being entertained, and it is not lacking in professionalism. Some items can even be regarded as a part of actual training. Therefore, in traditional sports Adding the digital sports model on the basis of the existing system can not only reduce the input cost, but also enrich the project category and arouse the interest of the participants.

best indoor baseball simulation game

Good match, multiple scenes

Digital sports equipment has a strong ability to attract traffic, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios and industries.

  1. Gym, hotel, entertainment city, matching sports equipment: take part in digital sports during leisure time, relax and keep fit.
  2. The role of schools, gymnasiums, and sports training industries with digital sports equipment: through the establishment of interest, better physical fitness and skill learning, better adapt to the physical examination for entrance examination, and achieve the goal of passing. Exercise produces dopamine, which promotes the memory and concentration of exercisers, making learning easier and more engaging
  3. Matching sports equipment for enterprises, real estate, entertainment, etc.: it can relieve the work pressure of employees when they work for a long time, and it can also be used for interaction when receiving customers to promote good communication.
best Indoor Golf Simulation Games 2023

Jamma promotes four elements: decompression, fun, technology, and sports. The core value proposition is to oppose the boring of sports and advocate the joy of sports. It means exercising while playing, and the more you play, the happier you are. Therefore, jamma advocates “Life is short, let’s be active together! “We have developed a variety of indoor sports equipment games such as indoor football simulation games, indoor baseball simulation games, indoor tennis simulation games, indoor golf simulation games, and dynamic boxing. We have many partners around the world and look forward to cooperating with you!

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