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Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema

Glasses-free 3D arc-screen orbit theater adopts the ring-screen technology mainly applied by Universal Studios and Disney, and has an immersive naked-eye 3D effect. It is currently the world’s leading special film technology. We not only present this technology perfectly with high quality, but also creatively miniaturize it to adapt to all indoor places, and at the same time reduce the cost to an affordable range, which can widely popularize this amusement application.


Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema JURASSIC 3D DARK RIDE GAME

Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema price The most realistic Glasses-free 3D arc screen track theater experience Real and interesting Jurassic Park 3D RIDE experience

Experience the new horizon of strange sensations and listen to the voice of the horizon

Glasses-free 3D arc-screen orbital cinema adopts the ring-screen technology mainly used by Universal Studios and Disney, with immersive glasses-free 3D effect, and is currently the world’s leading special film technology.

We not only perfectly present this technology with high quality, but also creatively miniaturize it to suit all indoor places, and at the same time reduce the cost to an affordable range, which can widely popularize this amusement application. The film makes diving, shaking and other actions to provide a real and exciting flying experience.

The super-long-span wide picture on the screen fills the viewer’s field of vision, and the omni-directional stereo complements and perfectly matches the plot of the film, creating a wonderful immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

 This moment is only your space

  grand scene

how much Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema

Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema

It can provide seamless full-view development, no matter what viewing angle the audience chooses, the complete image of the corresponding viewing angle can be clearly viewed.

 Very immersive Audiences are surrounded by a ring-wrapped picture and multi-channel stereo for more realistic lighting, sound and graphics.


In the field that needs dynamic expression, the ring screen can fully reflect the sufficient advantages.

  Orbit Cinema Features


For specific groups of people, personalized display content, Hyunjing Technology naked-eye 3D arc screen orbit cinema will make the audience feel as if they are in the dream world in the movie.


The naked-eye 3D experience, the large coverage of the visual field, and the 160-degree experience cover more than 70% of the visual perception range of the human eye.


Customize the digital content scene, and combine the dynamic platform to make the three-dimensional visual space consistent with the real environment, as if you were there.


The experience scene can be customized according to the size of the project site. Customize the appearance of the equipment and the number of seats according to the theme.

name 3D Arc Curtain Orbit Cinema
Occupy land 12000mm(L)*8000mm(W)*4500mm(H)
Projection screen size 3800(H)*9400(arc length)*6700(Chord length)
power 35kw Projector Sharp 2pcs
Projector lens short film  0.77:1 master server CPU  i3
Memory 8G DDR4 hard disk 120G


television 55 inch Chassis 12U
Fan 2 pcs Surveillance cameras 1080P
body model custom made Game One
is jurassic world ride scary

jurassic park 3d ride

  Dynamic platform advantage

  1. High synchronization 
  2. Support real-time synchronization of multiple sets of dynamic seats
  3. Fast response speed 
  4. The synchronization with the film reaches 99.9% 
  5. Ultra-high precision
  6. The displacement accuracy can reach 1/3,000 of a circle

7 , High stability 

8, high precision, reversibility, high efficiency, low friction resistance and other characteristics 

  1. The platform is left and right, front and rear, up and down, swinging and bumping, etc.

 Immersive travel experience

  Jurassic Adventure

Here you can visit and get up close to dinosaurs living in ancient times, pterosaurs soaring in the sky, herbivorous dinosaurs foraging, everything looks so harmonious. Suddenly, the pursuit of the pterosaurs, the appearance of the Tyrannosaurus rex, pushed the storyline to a climax, and the frost dragon hindered the progress of the spaceship. In order to avoid the pursuit of the Tyrannosaurus Rex through the narrow canyon, rushing out of the Grand Canyon to see the landscape of dinosaur migration, the scene is thrilling and spectacular.

how to get the jurassic park jeep skin in jurassic world evolution

VR 360 Jurassic Raptor Ride in World

   deep sea exploration

The mysterious underwater world is beautiful and amazing that you have never seen before. This time, the mission of our expedition team is to detect suspicious signals from the depths of the deep sea and enter the deep sea for exploration. You will see the whalebone reef formed by the whale fall, be attacked by the shark group of the whale fall skeleton, and see the huge sea monster and the big shark fighting each other.

 ninth planet

The laboratory was suddenly invaded. Zhigu and Aqi fled by plane carrying important items. When they passed through the corridor and workshop, they found that the equipment was damaged. There were flames and explosions all around. After opening the wormhole, they were surrounded by huge mechanical monsters in front of them. The plane was damaged and could only fly at low altitude in the city. During this period, they were chased around by enemies. In order to avoid the pursuit and dodge the shells, they traveled through various cities on the planet and needed to find them as soon as possible. Escape to other gaps and open the wormhole between the planets. In the end, Zhigu and Aqi got rid of the pursuit and successfully flew to the universe to open the wormhole.

 Wilderness Adventure

They have encountered all kinds of difficulties and encounters that you can’t imagine in the jungle, but they have successfully overcome them one by one through their unremitting efforts, and finally successfully completed the wild adventure. Even if you stay at home, you can feel the thrills of wild adventure, take your children to experience different life experiences, experience the charm of different characters, and let the children’s horizons be broadened and grow better!

Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an innovative and interactive amusement project with sports characteristics. It is a new type of amusement in the field of leisure and entertainment. This is an activity that allows visitors to have fun, compete and exercise in a safe environment. While enjoying the fun of competition and interaction, the project achieves the purpose of strengthening the body and can cultivate the spirit of team cooperation, which is suitable for all ages from children to adults.

  super storm

Super Storm is a very exciting and interesting action game. In the game, players will experience interesting parkour challenge gameplay, from which they can enjoy more exciting parkour fun. Players need to use their own reaction ability to be flexible Avoid all kinds of obstacles and traps, which will bring players a very exciting and interesting adventure.

  Multi-themed videos are highly scalable
 Regular continuous updates

How much space does Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema need?

How much does Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema cost?


 Can be customized according to customer needs, suitable for a variety of places

Museum    Shopping Mall    School    3D Scenic Spot

Wide range of applications

Exhibition Hall     Safety Hall     Square Science     Popularization Hall     Experience Hall

How to find suppliers of Glasses-free 3D arc screen track cinema

How to find equipment manufacturers and solutions for Glasses-free 3D arc screen orbital cinema

 success case

  Xianyang – -Unity Square

  Shangluo — Dinosaur Paradise

  Hangzhou  –Forest Park

  Sanya — the ends of the earth

 Other landing projects

    Luzhou — Yuxing Cinema
     Foshan — Koala Paradise
    Guangzhou – South China Botanical Garden
        Zhejiang – Chaoqi Paradise
      Changsha—Yuyuan Yipin
     Chengdu – Beicheng Tianjie
     Qingdao – Oriental Movie Metropolis
  Chongqing – Hongyadong
  Xiamen – a city of the future
   Anhui – Colorful World
    Zhangzhou – Emerald Bay


    Additional information

    Dark Ride Variants

    Orbit Cinema 10, Orbit Cinema 18, Orbit Cinema 6


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