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VR SLIDE Different horizons VIRTUAL REALITY Ever wonder how it feels to go down a world class water slide or fly on a magic carpet? It can be super fun adventure or a mystical experience straight out of the one thousand and one nights! The VR SLIDE? is the only 9D VR simulator that delivers this unique experience. Experience VR in a whole different way. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching device. Your customers can now reach for the edge of the carpet and enjoy more freedom of movement while visiting amazing places and magical worlds.


Virtual Reality Slide Simulator price

9D Virtual Reality Slide Simulator game Introduction 9D VR SLIDE price is a new design buy vr platform simulator, with simple structure, electronic servo motion system, people can lie on flying carpet platform, then they will experience dynamic movement according to movies, such as fly in sky, extreme roller coaster, very exciting! And as you see, this vr machine is very easy to operate, small space, very good to run business in shopping mall or amusement park!

VR SLIDE Function:
Touch screen selection games

1.It looks beautiful and novel and we can customize logo

2.Hardware configuration of machine is high and the quality is stable
3.A variety of games can be selected,game stimulation and fun

VR SLIDE Specification:

Product Size1.65*1.54*1.12



buy best VR SLIDE Simulator

How much is a virtual reality slide simulator?


VR SLIDE Hardware

Platform(electric) 1 set

Kiosk 1 set                                                                                                                  
Computer (I51 pc            
Deepoon E3 VR Glasses 1 pair
45 pcs VR games (360 degrees)                                                           
3dof electric system                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Customized logo           

9D virtual reality slide simulator equipment solution and after-sales

How to choose virtual reality slide simulator equipment

SIZE 1.65×1.54×1.12m
Special Effects: 12A
Special Effects Leg Touch / Vibration
SCREEN 22n Kiosk
Tablet controller 1 set
PAYMENT SYSTEM Card, coins and tokens
Computer i5
VR Glasses Deepoon E3
The most fun 9D virtual reality slide simulator game in 2023

The most fun 9D virtual reality slide simulator game in 2023

exciting 9D virtual reality slide

cool 9D virtual reality slide simulator


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