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Smart table touch screen puzzle interactive table

smart table

Touch the screen to start your challenge.
Move or click on the items to complete the tasks.
Children learn to observe, classify, reason logically and create,
and also exercise fine motor skills in the games.
Clever game design fascinates even adults.

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Products Description

Touch the screen to start your challenge.
Move or click on the items to complete the tasks.
Children learn to observe, classify, reason logically and create,
and also exercise fine motor skills in the games.
Clever game design fascinates even adults.

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Product Advantages

Contains 8 of the latest challenging puzzle games with a variety of play styles, each testing a different skill. Children are attracted by the beautifully designed animation while also training logical thinking skills.

Suitable for all kinds of venues including family, no need to build, plug and play, no need to install and debug

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Children can participate together, teamwork, collective breakthrough, enhance team awareness and double the joy.

The game is novel and playable, when children complete the task can get a great sense of accomplishment, attracting more children to join.

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Detailed specification
Product Size 1.25*0.73*0.53M
Games 8 pcs
43 inch hardware table 1 set
43 inch capacitive touch screen 1 pc
Host 1 set
Dongle 1 pc
wire 1 pc

There are 8 Games

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Application areas

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Children’s puzzle game Smart Table is suitable for school, kindergarten, training institution, indoor playground, parent-child interaction center, shopping mall, family, toy experience store and other various places.

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